--Karst Beach is closed for the 2021 season.--Halloween Weekends begin September 24th.--Book ONE YEAR in advance TODAY!--


Complimentary Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available in all campsites, cabins, and all guest facilities in the original campground. There is no password for our Wi-Fi!

Rental Golf Carts - Reserve your Golf Cart now

We offer four and six seat golf carts for rent. You may reserve at the time of your booking. Friday and Saturday rental requires a 2-day minimum and holiday weekends require a 3-day minimum. Golf cart rentals are from 12 pm to 11 am the following day. We now have 6-seater golf carts avaiable to rent!

  • 4-seat cart $35 to $60 per day (depending on time of year)
    $195 for 3-day holiday period
  • 6-seat cart $55 to $115 per day (depending on time of year)
    $360 for 3-day holiday period

You must be 21 years of age with a valid driver's license to rent and drive any cart. A credit card must be on file for rentals. ATV's are NOT allowed.

Personal Golf Carts

Effective Jan 1st, 2018 personal golf carts are no longer allowed per insurance requirements. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

For our guests that have a disability restricting their mobility we have three ways to assist you.

  1. You are always free to call our Ranger Station office and request transportation assistance. There is no charge and we will have someone there to help you as rapidly as we can arrange personnel.
  2. We have one of our golf carts which has been modified for handicapped drivers, similar to the modifications an automobile may have made to the steering, gas and braking functions. That cart is available for rent at the same price as our other rental carts.
  3. If you are mobility restricted and have your own golf cart, you can still bring it into Jellystone Park for your personal transportation in the park. However, there are some rules you will have to follow:
    • Register the cart with the Ranger Station office upon arrival, including a statement that it is required due to a mobility disability.
    • Sign our Agreement that you will comply with the same rules as our rental carts as to hours of operation, minimum driver age, drive only on roads, etc. 
    • Display your State issued handicap Placard on the cart when driving, or a substitute placard which we can provide. This is to distinguish for other guests why a non-Jellystone Park cart is being permitted in the park when otherwise none are allowed.
    • The mobility restricted person MUST be on the cart whenever it is in motion.
    • Inappropriate use of the cart will trigger loss of the privilege to utilize the cart in the park, and result in a fine equal to one day’s rental of a Jellystone Park Cart at our regular rates. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:                
      1. Cart use without the mobility restricted person on the cart.
      2. Underage driver (minimum age 21)   
      3. Invalid or no Driver’s License presented upon Jellystone Park Staff request. 
      4. Reckless driving
      5. Operating the cart off-road or outside the Campground.

Non-denominational Church services

At 8:30 every Sunday morning during the peak season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and Easter Sunday we have a non-denominational Church service at the Hilltop Pavilion.

Full time recreation staff

Our activities schedules are important to our guests. We have a full-time recreation director that works with our employees all year to plan the events that we have in store for you. Check out our activities schedule on our website. We strive to publish the daily activity schedules to the website two weeks in advance.

Trash Pickup

Trash Bags should be placed by the street between 8-10AM and we will pick it up. Please do NOT put it out the night before, as we have critters that just love to get into trash bags and make a mess. Please help us to keep the park clean and green by placing in one of the multiple garbage cans throughout the park.

Fire rings and picnic tables

Both are found on every site. Each cabin also has a charcoal grill. Do NOT move fire rings.


We sell firewood by the bundle at the Ranger Station. We will be happy to deliver if you need a large order – just call the Ranger Station or let one of the Rangers know. Occasionally our staff will ride through the campground selling firewood right at your site.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has found more harmful insects coming into the state on firewood. NO FIREWOOD FROM OUTSIDE KY IS ALLOWED IN THE CAMPGROUND. If you brought some, please keep in the back of your truck. Please help us keep our trees—campers love shade!


We can refill proper propane tanks. Please call or come to the Ranger Station.  Propane refills are only available from 9am to 5pm.

Business needs

If you still have to handle a little work while here, we can assist you with copies or faxes. Just ask an employee at the Ranger Station.

Travel/attraction assistance

If you need phone numbers, websites or directions while you are here, one of our employees in the Ranger Station will be happy to assist you. We can even print directions if needed. The Cave City Chamber of Commerce stocks our brochure rack. If you don’t find what you need, we will assist you in any way possible.

Family reunion or group planning

Our staff can assist with the planning of your family reunion or your group (Church, rally, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc) Give us a call and we will start planning today. To contact someone by email contact Daisy at [email protected]